Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Baby Shower!

Last Saturday, my friend Sarah and her mom threw me a baby shower! They decorated, baked, and planned all of it for me! I was so thrilled with the decorations and everything in general. They did such a great job, and I feel so special that they would do that for me.

How precious is this "baby" inside a watermelon?? I love that idea and the ribbon!

We had around 20 people at the shower. Everyone wrote advice on a note card, and I read them aloud. My friends and family also decorated diapers too. So cute!
Reading the advice cards!

Awesome friends!
Jenny, Paula and Sylvia
Sweet neighbors and friends Penny and Krissy!
My awesome friends Lynn and Michelle

I didn't even know my mom took this picture!
Bill playing with the light up frog we got! We both loved that toy!
Jenny, Paula, and I
My mom with Paula
Katie and I :)

Thank you Sarah and Sally for throwing me an awesome shower!! I had such a good time!
My mom and I
My brother Phil and I

Bill and I

I couldn't have asked for a better day to celebrate our baby! We had a great time!

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