Thursday, September 25, 2014

28 Weeks & 2 Days

How far along are you? 28 Weeks & 2 days! I can't believe I'm talking about myself when I say that! I really feel like I'm in the home stretch! 12 more weeks! Yay. :)

Cravings: Maybe pizza? I'm not sure though, because pizza always sounds good.

Regular apples and homemade applesauce have definitely been a craving! My body craves fruits and vegetables. Especially apples.

My mom gave me homemade applesauce that she made this week, and I haven't stopped craving it since. I need to learn  how to make it fast! Ha

Reactions: One of my favorites from this week was Bill's reaction to my stomach... "How do you move with you're stomach being so big." Ha

It's definitely hard to move for sure at times. :)

I told my sister Megan that I bought a bigger size in shirts this week, and she laughed and said, "You're getting so big!"

I find these reactions hilarious. They kind of make my week!

Favorite moment this week: When I went to my doctor appointment, and my doctor told me that I passed my glucose test! Yay!! I tend to worry about things like that for no reason, and it was a relief for her to tell me I was okay.

Fears: None right now.

General Mood: Happy and anxious. I can't wait to get the baby room put together! Bill's parents went with us to buy us a crib this week. Fortunately, we picked out a crib that fits with our theme that we kind of threw together! I can't wait to show you what it will look like and the theme we chose. It's perfect and fits both Bill's taste and mine!

I'm ordering a glider chair for the baby's room next week, and of course, I'm super excited to check that off my list. We're going to love having a comfortable to chair to rock the baby to sleep in and to fall asleep with him!

Things I was surprised by: I had my 28 week checkup yesterday, and when I went to schedule my next appointment they told me I would be coming every two weeks now! I knew that I would be coming more frequently when I got farther along, but I didn't realize that it would be so soon! After 34 weeks, I'll come every week. I literally am so excited for our baby. I love him so much already. 

Things I'm most looking forward to: I'm hoping to give birth before Christmas which I think is totally doable since they might not let me go over a week past my due date anyway! My due date is December 16. I can't wait to have our baby and bring him home. I can't wait to celebrate Christmas as a family with Bill! I just know this will be the best Christmas for both of us.

Another thing I can't wait for? I'm really excited for Megan to come home on Thanksgiving and stay for around a month! We all miss her so much and can't wait to visit with her. :)

Sleep: I'm still sleeping really good by propping myself up against my headboard. This morning, the baby actually woke me up with his kicking! I couldn't believe it. I kept thinking since I'm such a sound sleeper that that wouldn't happen, but it did! I love all his kicks and found it cute that he's already waking me up! Ha

What I think is really cool and amazing: I'm pretty amazed by the Rhogam shot ever since talking to my good friend Sarah. We've been friends since we were kids, and I feel pretty lucky to have her as a friend for many reasons. She explained the Rhogam shot to me and what it does for people with RH negative blood, like me, and I felt completely calm and ready to get my shot this week because of her. Thanks, friend!

The story behind the Rhogam shot is pretty amazing. I'm so thankful I'm having babies now and not before this shot was established! Read about it here.

Food aversions: None! I haven't been bothered by the smell of different foods either like other pregnant women.

Maternity Clothes: My shirts got really short last week! They stopped covering everything they need to cover so I picked up a couple of long sleeved shirts in a bigger size. I'm feeling much more comfortable now. It was annoying to pull my shirt down to have it cover everything only to realize it was exposing me up top! Ha

Exercise: Squats and walking are my favorite form of exercise now. It makes me feel strong! Plus, squats are good for labor so I won't be quitting that routine!

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