Saturday, August 23, 2014

23 Weeks

Tuesday marked 23 weeks for me! I'm officially obsessed with counting down the weeks till we meet our sweet baby boy! I'm anxious to hold him and see what he looks like! Will he have red hair or just peach fuz? Probably the latter.

I'm anxious to get our nursery ready for the baby. It needs to be painted, and I'm determined to decide on a color this week. I want to pick out the crib and set up the different things that we've already bought. It makes me so happy to think about everything coming together.

Feeling: I'm good most days and other days I'm wanting two naps a day. It just depends. I'm learning to take advantage of the days I feel good to get as much work done as I can. That plan works really well for me.

Exercise: I've found that exercising helps greatly with being tired and any nausea! I turn on Pandora and workout to my favorite workout DVD. I need to start going for walks when I'm at my mom's house with Kitty. She's always up for a walk. I love how a little music and an endorphin rush make me feel 10 times better. Side note: Maternity work out shorts are officially mandatory. I really popped this week.

Sleeping: Sleeping has been interesting lately. I'll wake up in the morning after sleeping on my left side, and I'll notice that my left side is completely sore. Ha My baby is always on my left side so when I sleep on that side it becomes really sore. I find it amusing, and I like knowing that he's growing bigger. I love noticing his kicks and different movements more. It's completely surreal to me, especially since it's my first pregnancy.

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Fran said...

Your bump is so cute! And I'm with you on the naps - I'm always taking naps which totally messes up my schedule but I can't make it otherwise haha