Monday, August 11, 2014

21 Weeks

Today, I'm on the last day of 21 weeks! I'm late on blogging for this week, but I have several things I know I will want to remember. I'm feeling him kick and move a lot more now. I was laying down and propped up on my bed working on a project today for work, and I started feeling his kicks. They surprise me each and every time. I love when I feel him move. It's the most amazing thing!

I can't wait to finish the baby's room and have everything set up for our baby boy! I've been feeling good. I've been wondering if I'm getting tired again though. I felt the need for a nap today when these past few weeks I've been able to forgo them.

It might be too soon, but I've already started to count down the weeks till we get to meet our baby. It's entirely surreal to think that we'll have a baby come December. It will be the best Christmas ever!

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Fran said...

You're looking so great, Natalie!