Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Big News! We're having a baby!

Love this cake for a gender reveal party!

You haven't heard much from me in the last few weeks, because I haven't been feeling good lately! This is the only time, I'm really happy about that. We're having a baby!! We're so excited and happy.

We both thought the spring would be a great time to try for a baby, and it was! Our baby is going to arrive sometime in mid December! We can't wait. :) Next Tuesday, I'll be three months along. It's hard to believe I'm a third of the way through this pregnancy already. I've been feeling extremely tired and nauseous at times, but at the same time, I feel like it's going by fast.

I have had a couple cravings so far. I like eating Mexican food, popsicles, fresh fruit, and pickles! Surprise, surprise. Now, that I'm almost three months, I've noticed that I can't put off eating. When I'm hungry, I have to eat. If I wait, I end up feeling really sick and nauseous. I carry a granola bar with me and dried fruit in case I end up feeling like I can't wait to eat! I've never felt that way in my life where getting my next meal is an emergency! Ha Usually, I have no trouble putting off eating.

I'm really going to make a better effort to post more regularly. I don't want to forget what this pregnancy was like, and of course, I miss blogging too! I hope you'll follow along with this journey too. :)

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Lauren Byers said...

Congratulations Natalie!! That is super exciting news!! You guys are going to be wonderful parents! I hope you start feeling better soon :)