Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Things

Lately, I've been doing a lot of new things. Things that force me out of my comfort zone. Every time, this happens, I get nervous and freak out usually for no reason. I like how every single time this happens, my fears are for nothing.

I just finished writing three different stories that were around 1,200 words each. I was a little nervous to write them since I haven't written anything that long for anyone except maybe on my blog. I've had long posts on my blog, and I realized after writing those three stories that it is not that different from the writing I've already done. I was shocked at how the words flowed out of me.

All the sudden, I'm no longer nervous to write long stories after finishing them this week! It's a wonderful feeling. I also gained a better idea of what it's like to write a story that's more than 500-700 words. This recent realization is inspiring me to write some different posts on this blog of mine that I can't wait to get started on soon. I'm thinking I would write about stories from my childhood. I'll keep you posted, friends.

This isn't recent, but another thing that totally shoved me out of my comfort zone was when me and Bill started planning our trip for Europe. We watched a bunch of Rick Steve's shows on channel 11 and each time we did, I either got really excited about the trip or I felt like Germany, Slovenia, and Italy were so far away that there was no way I could plan a trip there.

In reality, I put off creating and finalizing plans, because that way, I could ignore my fears and my lack of experience. We ended up having three or so months left to plan when we got serious about it. Procrastinating did in fact make our fears worse, but I honestly felt better once we started making progress. 

We left for Germany on a sunny afternoon in June last year. We had a small family get together with Bill's family at the farm where we had breakfast with everyone as a "going away" party. The whole trip to O'hare and while we were sitting waiting to board our plane, I was picking at my nails and asking Bill, "Do you think this trip will go okay?" He reassured me it would, but at the same time, he was pacing the hallways with a lot of nervous energy mirroring how I felt even though I chose to sit against the wall and fret silently for the most part.

After boarding the plane and being in the air for a couple of hours, I began to relax. I watched movies and read snippets from the Game of Thrones book I brought with me. It was wonderful. Those six hours from Chicago to our layover in Dublin, Ireland were a breeze! Our plane was huge with three isles and everyone had there own TV on the seat in front of them with a big selection of movies and TV shows to enjoy during the flight. When we landed in Dublin, we all mentioned how surprised we were that it was that easy. Almost painless.

The hours of dread were all for nothing. What shocked us even more was that we could rent a car and seemingly drive around Europe with no problem. Aside from a little set back with the GPS, we felt like it was free sailing from there on out and it was. 

Suddenly, our two week trip to Europe seemed like a very manageable thing.

I found that when you try something new or are unexpectedly in a new situation, it is best to "go with the flow!" Your worries and fears will not help you. In fact, they will only stop you from enjoying the experience.

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Fran said...

So jealous of your 2 week Europe vacation - but how exciting! great things come stepping out of our comfort zones!