Friday, April 25, 2014

Books that I'm Reading!

I have a full list of books to read on my mind. If I don't get control of it in the early stages, it gets out of control. Growing longer and longer by the days and weeks! It's full of writing books, short stories, fantasy, biography books, and young adult.

Per usual, the fantasy genre wins out most of the time for me. I can't say no to a good book riddle with fantasy elements. That's why I am pouring my extra time into finishing the Game of Thrones series! I'm on the fourth book right now, and I LOVE it.

I haven't watched any of the TV series, and I don't plan on watching them until I have finished the whole series. It's becoming increasingly harder to wait, but I'm betting anything that the books are better than the screen version.

I've had a few favorite characters that are kind of surprising to me. I've admired Arya and Sansa at the same time even though you would have to think that you would hate Sansa if you like Arya. (If you know those characters.) I like Arya because the crazy situations she happens across and how she deals with them. She's pretty ingenious and smart for being so young.

I like Sansa because without asking for it, she is a controversial character to the others who are around her, and once again, the circumstances that engulf her life (in the book) are overwhelming and dramatic to say the least. Sansa is forced to be creative and adventurous whereas it's more of a natural thing for Arya. Both are interesting.

Some nights, I like to take a break from reading the Game of Thrones and go with a more simple read that involves less detail. I like B.J. Novak's One More Thing. It's a collection of short stories that are smart and funny! I like his work.

On the writing front, I've been reading Now Write! (Nonfiction) and Writing Tools (50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer). These books are great for all writers of nonfiction and fiction. I've had Writing Tools for a while now, and I'm always gaining something valuable from it. I've really benefited from it. Now Write! includes advice along with writing exercises to enhance writing skills in different ways. It's written by all different authors and freelance writers.

Even though my list of books to read is long, I'm committing to these four books for a while. I hate reading too many books at a time. These four are pretty different, and I'm mostly dedicated to A Feast for Crows (the fourth book of the Game of Thrones series) so I'm perfectly fine with that.

What's on your reading list?

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Meg Christensen said...

Nice! I'm way into reading the third book of Game of
Thrones, but I'm getting stuck in the same spot. There's so much detail it's overwhelming. haha I'm taking a break again, but need to power on through... everyone says the ending is RIDICULOUS. :)

Fran said...

I've only watched the TV series when it comes to GoT and I have to say at the beginning I really disliked Sansa but she's really growing on me haha