Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bill's Selection: Coco Wheats for Dinner

The other night Bill asked me what I wanted for dinner. I replied with, "Grilled cheese or maybe a BLT?"

He kindly and very promptly denied both and said, "How about Coco Wheats? Have you ever had them?"

I have never had Coco Wheats in my life, friends! I'm not a huge fan of breakfast so I'm always a little reluctant to try new breakfast type of foods.  Bill started to cook the Coco Wheats, and I toasted some whole grain bread and slathered a little bit of butter on them.

After 15 minutes or so, everything was ready. I have to admit that after I added a little bit of sugar to it, Coco Wheats weren't that bad. They had pretty good flavor and texture. Bill told me it's hard to get the texture smooth and more often than not, there are lumps in it. He did pretty good though.

A couple hours after our meal, we were both hungry! We were watching a infomercial on a smoothie making device. All we wanted after that were fresh fruit smoothies that tasted like ice cream. I'm still craving it.

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