Friday, March 28, 2014

What do other people think about you?

I recently had a discussion with a group of ladies from my church about what we think other people think about us and what we think about ourselves. I found it extremely interesting! The results varied, but one thing remained the same. Sometimes what we think other people think of us can be pretty different from how we think of ourselves. Let me explain.

For instance, I know that a lot of people (the group of ladies from my church included) think that I'm laid back and calm. Bill and my family would laugh if they read that. Of course, I can be calm and easy going in the midst of a group or in any public situation, but at home, I'm more type A. I like to cross things off my checklist, and I like having things a certain way. Although, once again, I am able to let things go. I'm not in any way controlling.

With that being said, I thought I would include my list of things that I think others think of me and what I think about myself. Here you go...

What I think others think of me...

Easy going, laid back
Good with words, Writer
Likes to workout
Loves animals, mainly dogs

What I think about myself...

Loves "home"
Takes great comfort in schedules and routines
Family girl
Type A but not a perfectionist 
Picks her battles
Cherishes close friendships
Strong, able to defend herself with words
Reserved, would rather listen than talk all the time
Expresses herself through writing 
Loves dogs, all types

What do you think people think about you? Does it match what you think about yourself? I'm curious...

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