Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring is here!

Baby Turkeys!

Spring is here, friends! When I say Spring, I'm not talking 70 or 80 degrees. More like 30 or 40.

I'm excited that the temperatures have been staying above freezing recently! It makes such a difference. Plus, the sun is out more often. :)

We haven't had baby chicks for a couple of years, but we picked up several baby turkeys and two baby chicks a couple of weeks go.

The last time we got three ducks and several chicks that all survived and grew quickly. We haven't had that luck this time around. We've lost two turkeys and one chicken.

Bill told me this usually happens all the time and it isn't unusual to have them get sick.

I'm not a huge fan of it (obviously), but I'm thankful for the six chickens and two ducks that we have right now.

We haven't had any coyotes attack our animals for over a year! Yay!

Bill finished building our new solid fence in our backyard for the animals to enjoy everyday. They'll finally have more room to venture around now. The bigger enclosed area will make it easier to care for them too.

I'll post some pictures of the new fence soon!

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Fran said...

awe, those baby chicks are so cute!