Monday, March 3, 2014

Palm Trees and Mango Gelato

This week has been filled with walks on the beach, swimming with inner tubes in the ocean,  trips to local restaurants for good food, visits with Bill's mom's niece and family, flea markets and thrift shops, a weeks stay at the Marriot that makes me reminiscent of our wedding, exotic palm trees (as pictured above), and the most amazing fresh mango gelato. It's been an amazing week and a half. I totally didn't deserve such a nice trip!!

I'm really glad we got to go back to the hotel where we stayed at during our wedding week where our friends and family came down to Florida to watch us tie the knot.  :) There are so many good memories from that awesome trip. I was thinking about how I loved having everyone there the other night. I definitely wish I could have brought my whole family on this trip.

Both Billy and I had at least one thing that we ordered at a restaurant that we couldn't eat or drink I should say. At the beginning of the trip, I ordered a Bloody Mary that I couldn't for the life of me finish or start. The taste of it made me want throw up. Bill ordered Tuna Tartare which is basically raw tuna with some lettuce but really fancy. I was the only one that heard him order it, and I thought it sounded odd and a touch gross. I should I have said something. Oops.

On this trip, we got snippets of information about sea turtles. We learned that they almost always come back to their nesting spot even if it's a 2,000 mile swim away. A mother lays 100 eggs at a time and one in a thousand survive into adulthood. Oh, it also takes 60 days for the eggs to hatch. Pretty interesting stuff.

I'll be writing more on this trip, especially since we car for a whopping 20 hours! We're doing good though. We're a solid 2 hours and 3 minutes into the drive. Positive thoughts,  positive thoughts.

(Sorry, the pictures are at the bottom.  Blogging on my phone is challenging with pictures.)

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