Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Florida: Our first time back since our wedding

A couple of weeks before we left for Florida, I had no clue we would be going to Florida. No clue.  Ha I was really happy when Bill Senior (Bill's dad) sent me a text asking about Florida! I really didn't think we would be travel back there until another year or two.

After staying in Biloxi for a few days, we traveled 12 hours to Jensen Beach, Florida where we got married. Bill's family loves Jensen Beach and have chose that town as there destination spot for many years.

While we there, Bill's parents woke up super early to walk on the beach collecting seashells and snapping pictures of the rising sun. I woke a couple of times to watch the sunrise, but I opted to sleep in and relax the other days. The hour time difference made 6 a.m. (really 5 a.m. in Illinois) a painful wake up time. :)

We both loved staying at the Marriott. :) I was really wishing my family was there with me on this trip as well. I kept thinking about all the things we did the week of our wedding.

There was a day during that week in Florida, I spent almost the whole day working out by the pool catching up on a few things. It was awesome. I love writing outside and having the opportunity to take a break in the pool.
We only had one "cold" day that was in the low 70's. Otherwise, the weather was really nice with most days in the mid to high 80's. I tried to soak up as much warmth as I could by enjoying the beach and swimming the ocean. I think my favorite part of the trip was simply spending time in the ocean, my happy place.
On our last day at the Marriott, I found this little guy by the hot tub. I looked up at the rock and there was this lizard who was to my eyes sunbathing on his favorite rock. After a minute of watching him, I grabbed my phone and clicked on the rapid shot effect and caught the picture above. Bill thought he was calling for a mate when he saw the orange part below his neck. I've never seen anything like it.

Ahhh... The balcony! I loved sitting out in those chairs throughout the week while eating breakfast in the morning or anytime of the day.

The whole week we ate at new and old restaurants that we loved, went to their cousin's son's basbeball game, visited with Lori's niece, Carol who is Bill's cousin, swam in the ocean as much as possible, walked on the beach, and shopped at different thrift stores and of course book stores. Oh, we also got a chance to go out on Carol's husband's boat where we saw a bunch of people catching fish. We even waded out by the sandbar and walked around. I felt so lucky to have a warm vacation after this long cold winter.

I'm daydreaming of it now.

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Fran said...

Oh man, I'd love to be on that beach right now! I miss the water!