Monday, February 3, 2014

Pages for iPad

This fall, I spent hours and days trying to find an application for my iPad that would allow me to send my articles in Word documents. I was going on a couple of trips, and I needed to be able to turn in my stories while I was away.

While I was on vacation, I used Dropbox to upload my stories, and I used Droptext to create and edit my stories. I didn't find Dropbox and Droptext to be the most ideal solution, because there were extra steps that I didn't like. I had to be online to edit my files in Droptext, and then after I edited my files, I had to upload the current file to Dropbox.

I discovered Pages for iPad last week. My dad called me up and told me that I needed to get the Pages app. He told me that it was $10, but it was worth the money. I spent the $10 based on his recommendation, and I love it! There are a plethora of different documents to choose from such as basic note taking documents, reports, essays, letters, resumes, envelops, business cards, flyers and posters, cards, and more. I'm mainly using the note taking documents and the essay document to write my stories.

I love that I can simply pick out a document and write my story in an organized template and then email my story in a Word document format. When you email the document, you have the option of sending it in four different formats including Pages, PDF, Word or ePub.

Essentially, I have Word on my iPad after paying the $10 for Pages. I'm a huge fan of this app if you can't already tell. Another bonus? Pages has word count and other essential settings. If you're writing on the go and need a way to send Word documents, I highly suggest getting Pages for your iPad. You won't regret it!

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P.S. I didn't get paid to write this review. I just love the app!

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Fran said...

that sounds awesome! I wish I had had that when I'd take the iPad to school to take notes haha