Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nashville Nights

 My mom and I have been obsessed with Nashville ever since the pilot. We love Connie Britton, the country music, and of course the drama that ensues in each episode.

I've been going over to my mom's house on Wednesday nights for the past couple of weeks to watch this favorite show of ours. We have dinner together and a glass of wine is usually involved. Oh, we also have some chocolate too.

Kittle is the first one to fall asleep. :)

I feel like the drama is really heating up in the show. Rayna finds out from her ex husband, Teddy, that her dad was targeting him but ended up killing his wife. Plus, she also finds out that her dad was responsible for her mother's death and at the end of the suspenseful hour, we watch her dad have a heart attack in Teddy's office after Teddy tells him that his own daughter who he worked with for 15 years is the one responsible for his prosecution. Now that is drama!!

Also, we found out that Scarlette is newly addicted to drugs in this episode? A colleague gives her a bottle of pills to help calm her nerves and all the sudden she's completely reliant on them? I feel like I'm missing something. I like how talented her character is but her personality is rather boring and leaves a lot to be desired. She doesn't really stand for anything.

This show never lets up on the hugely dramatic scenes.

Do you watch Nashville? What do you think will happen next? Also, do you like Scarlette's character?

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