Monday, February 10, 2014

My Hiatus from Facebook

A couple of weeks ago, I deactivated my Facebook account. I felt the overwhelming need to take a break from it. I was annoyed at how I checked it every hour. What's the point of that?

Do I really need to update myself on what everyone is doing every hour or every day for that matter? No, I really don't.

I wanted to challenge myself to forgo Facebook for two days. Well, I did it! It wasn't easy though. Throughout those 2 days, I would pick up my phone and try to open my Facebook app only to remember I deactivated. That habit was hard to break.

I filled that extra time with thinking more about what I needed to accomplish in my day. I loved that I was more focused! I wasn't constantly stopping to check my news feed. I also thought about how thankful I am to have a writing career. (I love that I am busy doing something that I absolutely love and cherish.) When I'm on Facebook, I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others. It never feels good. With the valuable break, I was able to realize why that was happening.

After my two day hiatus, I went back to my habit of over checking, but I tried to stop myself and limit the amount of times I was there per day. Ha I just realized that I sound like I'm writing about an addiction I have. I guess it could be, but I'm slowly moving away from the obsession and becoming less interested.

I mainly post links to my blog on my Facebook page and the occasional picture. I hardly ever post status updates anymore. I'm really glad that I took that 2 day break. I realized how much focus and attention I had for other things when it wasn't a part of my day.

This isn't to say that Facebook is all bad. There are definitely good things about it. I, like many others, enjoy staying in touch with people I don't see often. It's great for that.

Have you ever taken a break from Facebook? Were you glad you did?

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2 Sweet Notes:

Fran said...

Facebook really is like an addiction, and so are all other social media platforms haha

I deleted the Facebook app from my phone and it's been the best thing ever. I was checking it all the time for absolutely no good reason but I don't think I could delete my account simply because I use Facebook for a group for my grad program so yeah :/

Jenna said...

Sometimes I wish Facebook would just disappear- I have the same bad habit of over checking it from my phone and then comparing myself to others...I mean, really now...what's the good in that?