Friday, February 28, 2014


I'm listening to the song "Happy" and writing this post from our hotel room. I took this beach photo with my iPad on our balcony. I was semi afraid of dropping my iPad over the balcony while taking the pic. That would be so sad. Ha

I just finished writing a few articles that I'm turning in soon. I thought I would give a quick update about our trip. It's almost over with and that makes me so sad! The weather has been gorgeous here.

It's a sunny day, and I can't wait to go out in the ocean on my inner tube. I'm really glad we bought them at the grocery store the other day. I felt childish at first, but they are honestly so much fun to use in the ocean.

Have you tried using any floating device while swimming in the ocean? My mother-in-law and I went out in the ocean with them the other day, and they made us feel more brave!

I feel bad that my posts have been sporadic, but we've been busy on this trip. Today, I stayed back at the hotel. I loved the slower pace where I could lounge by the pool catching up on writing and other things I needed to do for work. 

Do you enjoy alone time? I feel like I definitely need that time to recharge and get organized. ;)

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Jenna said...

Gosh- that water is so blue! Haha yes...that would have been more than a little sad if your iPad had taken a topple over the balcony!

Glad you're having such a fun and relaxing trip in the sun!