Friday, February 7, 2014

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies for your Friday

I've been going to work at my mom's house a few days a week. It's peaceful and productive for me. I like working in her new den that used to be my brother's bedroom. I sit back there at the desk and work on my articles and call different people for interviews. I love that quiet time to work all by myself.

I also love baking at my mom's house.

Kittle loves waiting for any scrap to fall off the counter and into her mouth. Yummm...

This afternoon, I chose a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe and quickly pulled out the items from the cabinets that I would need. This recipe included chocolate chips, brown sugar, white sugar, oats and all the other obvious ingredients.

I followed the recipe and didn't spray the pan with any oil. I'm always nervous that the cookies will end up sticking to the pan, but that didn't happen! Phew. I'm totally in my element today.

Writing and baking always put me in a great mood.

I think I found my two big passions and my agenda for the weekend. ;)

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Fran said...

oh these look so yummy!