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Book Review: A House in the Sky

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I'm so glad that A House in the Sky is the first book that I finished in 2014. First of all, I love how Amanda Lindhout, a freelance journalist, tells her story of wanting to travel as a young kid. Lindhout poured over National Geographic magazines because she wanted to travel everywhere.

As an adult, she started traveling all over and visited places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. She even got a a job at a television station reporting in Baghdad. The story of her capture begins when she embarks in Somalia with her friend Nigel, who she met during her travels, to continue her pursuit of journalism.

Lindhout wanted to write stories about the countless refugees who were starving in Somalia and living in a constant war zone. I was bracing myself throughout this part of the book. I knew when they entered Somolaia they would get captured. I could feel it.

**SPOILER*** When Amanda and Nigel were on the plane to Somalia a passenger warned them that their head was worth half a million dollars. If someone told me that, I would have found the next flight home as quick as possible.

Somalia hasn't had a national government for over 20 years, and there is no safety there.

Throughout their capture, I wanted so badly for them to have freedom. I was surprised by how long they were held captive. It was hard reading about her and Nigel's physical and emotional pain. Amanda made me feel like I was right there with them. Her words were captivating.

There were parts of the book that brought me to tears and made me want to scream, "NO!" I wondered at times if Amanda would be able to heal from all the abuse that she suffered. Every part of this book had me consumed by it's raw honesty and realness.

I strongly suggest reading A House in the Sky. It's not the typical telling of a capturing because it encompasses the story of her childhood, her dreams, her hopes, and the people she met during her travels, including Nigel.

I gave this book a five out of five stars.
The writing was all consuming and beautiful. I loved that she is a freelance journalist traveling the world trying to write stories that no one else is writing. 
Amanda's strength when she gets captured is unbelievable. Her character makes me want to be like her. She's simply amazing.

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