Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Sentimental Date

Sitting in our favorite spot at Barnes & Noble

Last night, Bill and I went on a date that was reminiscent of when we were dating. We had dinner at Houhilans. I ordered chicken fetticune alfredo, and Bill picked one of my favorites, buffalo bleu salad.

We got a long island like we do every time we go there. We also sat in the same spot like the people of habit that we are.

After dinner, we walked over to Barnes & Noble like we always used to do after dinner.

We had a blast reliving what we would do on those dates. We would read each other a paragraph from a romance novel, and I would always change the words to spice up the plot line. Bill would just roll his eyes. :)

This time, I picked out a writing book, a notebook, a bookmark and the February issue of Real Simple with the gift card Bill gave me for Christmas. We sat down and browsed through our findings and snapped a picture for old time sake.

We both feel like reminicsing with our anniversary right around the corner. Can't believe we will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary on Monday!

Feeling happy, happy, happy.

Little Pink Book

2 Sweet Notes:

Fran said...

Oh man, has it really been almost 2 years! That's crazy!

R. W. High said...

Congrats on two years, you two! LOVE the reminisces about those old dates and reading aloud/changing up the romance novels. Love you guys. xoxo