Thursday, December 19, 2013

What I Love about Christmas

Kittle wearing a Santa hat.

1. I love all the anticipation for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Christmas is much more formal and exciting than Thanksgiving. (Thanksgiving is always more laid back in our family.)

2. I love sending out Christmas notes this time of the year. This is the first year, I will be writing a card to a few family members/close family friends.

3. Christmas movies are the best escape from busyness. The Grinch, Home Alone 1, and Family Stone are my favorites!

4. I enjoy baking cookies with friends and family. I baked yesterday with my sister-in-law, Tracie, and had an awesome time baking and talking.

5. I admittedly love all the decorations that appear this time of the year. I strung lights in our kitchen and living room, decorated an ornament wreath for our living room, purchased a little Snowman for our desk that changes colors, and decorated a small tree for our living room. Oh, we also have lights outside of our house! I'm feeling festive now. :)

6. I love that everyone is in the spirit of giving as well. I love hearing stories about people reaching out to others in need.

7. I love attending the Christmas Eve service. We've gone in the past, and it's always nice.

8. I love dressing up our family dog, Kittle, in a festive sweater or a Santa hat. I think this helps her get in the spirit. Haha

9. My favorite thing? I love spending quality time with my family including Bill's family and celebrating God sending his son. I'm very thankful.

What are your favorite things about Christmas?

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Fran said...

Love all of this, such a great list! :)