Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas in Chicago

I always feel a slight let down after Thanksgiving is over. All the anticipation of the family gatherings and holiday food ends, and I'm left grappling for the next anticipated event or activity. Lately, I've been filling my evenings and weekends with watching my favorite TV shows, reading a good book, and hanging out with Bill. I also went to Chicago twice in one week and visited the Christkindlmarket both times.
Last Saturday, I went with my mom, Bill and Phil. My brother, Phil, is living in Chicago now so we also made a stop at his apartment.
I loved that his roommates already had their Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving!
We saw a wedding party at Millennium Park. Hopefully, they didn't notice me snapping a couple of pictures.
I wanted to stop at this Target in Chicago simply because it looked so fancy. My brother and Bill overruled my request and informed me that it was the exact same as the other ones. I don't believe them. ;)

At the Christkindlmarket, there were a plethora of ornaments to pick from in different shops.

This pink polka dot mushroom looked like it was from Alice in Wonderland. I loved it!
This past Friday, I went to Chicago again but with different people. I went with Bill's sisters, mother, and family friend, Ruth. We stopped at the Walnut room in Macy's for lunch. When we got there they said that they didn't have our reservation, and another person said they didn't take reservations. I honestly don't know what was the truth, but we managed to get a table after only talking to a few people instead of waiting for around two hours.
I ordered the Peppermint Schnapps. I'm drawn to peppermint drinks this time of the year.

While we were sitting at lunch, there were different fairies who greeted each table. There was one fairy who I overheard say she was the head fairy who had wrote the book that was placed by the entrance of the restaurant. I wish I had of jotted down the name of the book.

On another note, how beautiful is that Christmas tree?! Our waiter said that some people opted to wait for over two hours to sit and eat their lunch by the tree!

Little Pink Book

3 Sweet Notes:

Chrissy said...

How fun! We used to go to the Christkindlesmarket every year, because there were so many Germans there! I really miss going to Chicago - great pics and looks like you had a blast both times! Happy Monday xxx

Jenna said...

Okay there was definitely not a Target downtown when I lived in Chicago! I remember having to take a bus up Fullerton to get to one! Haha

You're making my heart ache for Chicago :) It really is so magical at Christmastime! Especially the Walnut Room and its tree!

Fran said...

awe this made me miss Chicago so much. I love that city!