Thursday, November 21, 2013

Recap on Harvest Season

Last night, Bill, Bill Sr. (Bill's dad), and Tom (Bill's brother), finished combining. They are all done with harvest! Bill Sr. came in really elated last night at the farm. He was so happy to have everything in from the fields.

Thirty minutes before they finished, he had come in the farm house in a panic because it was going to rain. Fortunately, the rain held off long enough for my Bill to pull the rest of the beans in from the very last field.  These pictures above were from September. I've been wanting to share more of my harvest pictures but haven't done it until now. :) I will post a few more from my phone next week. I love how pretty the fields look during the fall.

Now that harvest is over, I'm sad I won't ride in the combine with Bill anymore. I rode with him a handful of times but not nearly enough. It's always fun to sit and talk in the cab while combining.

When we were 3 weeks into our relationship, I rode with him in the tractor and while he was cultivating a field. I always think about that when I hop in the combine or a tractor.

It's amazing the good memories that come from each season of farming.

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WHHAT? This is so neat! How fun!