Friday, November 22, 2013

Ready for Vegas!

Tomorrow will be the first time I step foot in Vegas! We're going for Tom's 21st birthday! I can't wait to explore the desert, the Hoover Dam, and of course some casinos. I heard from Bill that the best part of the casinos are the free drinks. Neither of us are big fans of gambling. We like to stick to the five cent machines mostly and waste away a couple of hours on $5 alone.

I'm looking forward to swimming in the pool and hot tub the most. After we get back from the trip, I plan to divulge in some holiday baking and cooking, watch Christmas movies with the fam, spend some time Christmas shopping with my brother, and enjoy Thanksgiving with everyone. I'm equally as excited for Thanksgiving and all the events surrounding the holiday as I am for Vegas! Shh.. Don't tell anyone. :)

Hope you have a fun weekend! Also, if you have some time check out this book on Thanksgiving. I will be reading it on the plane.

Little Pink Book

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2 Sweet Notes:

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I love Vegas! and I love the wizard of oz slot but it always eats my money. :(

Fran said...

So jealous! Have so much fun!!