Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Favorite Things about my Mom's House During the Holidays

My number one favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family at my mom's house. We don't have to do anything special. I simply love being together with Bill and my family.

Upon arriving at my mom's house, I feel completely separate from outside worries and stresses. I can just be me. Sometimes with the stress of the holidays, I need that break and quite relaxation. My mom's house is perfect for that. I love how cozy her house feels. My mom has all of her walls in her house painted in tans, golden, ginger, and rich cherry hues that warmly embrace the spirit of the holiday season.

If the richly colored walls and beautifully decorated rooms weren't enough, the familiar aromas of our favorite holiday dishes spread to the dining room and living room creating anticipation of the moment when dinner will be served. My mom's stuffing, green bean casserole, and strawberry pretzel jello are a few of my favorites.

Movies are also a part of our holiday tradition at my mom's. Home Alone, The Family Stone, The Grinch (with Jim Carey), The Elf, and Love Actually are on repeat in late November and December at our family gatherings. We gather our favorite snack or dessert with our drink of choice that usually includes eggnog or spiced apple cider and sit down to watch our pick of the night. To me, I can't really think of anything better than watching a favorite movie with my special people.

All of our family gatherings wouldn't be the same without our young-at-heart dog, Kitty. Her love and joy brighten every holiday. Plus, who would be there to clean up the scraps of food that fall off the counter and table without our cute little pup?

There aren't many things that I would rather do than be surrounded by my family members. The holidays are that much better with them by my side.

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