Monday, November 11, 2013

Movie Review: About Time didn't Hold a Candle to Love Actually

I initially was curious about the new movie About Time, because I heard that the movie was directed by the same director as Love Actually. I was completely excited about that connection and that left me with little judgement for what the movie was actually about.

My expectations fell extremely hard within the first hour at the movie theater. In the middle of the movie, Bill and I looked at each other and simultaneously complained that nothing was happening! Everything was seemingly perfect. Tim, the main character, found out on his 21st birthday that the men in his family hold the ability to travel back in time, and once he figures out that it is true, he goes back in time to change anything and everything like the outcome of a play performance for his actor friend he lives with. Tim gets caught up with fixing other people's problems that he ends up having to reintroduce himself to his future wife, Mary who is Rachel McAdams, since he went back in time to fix his actor friend's problem and went past his first meeting with Mary.

Besides all the going back in time nonsense, we were especially aggrivated by how perfect the two main characters were. Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) and Mary (Rachel McAdam) were completely flat characters. They had one emotion throughout the movie and that was happy. Nothing made them angry. Even when Tim's sister Kit Kat got in a car accident, he didn't get overly upset or angry. He went back in time to try and stop it, but he wasn't able to save her from getting hurt.

Rachel McAdam's character annoyed me. I found that extremely odd since I love that actress. Let me explain.

Her role as Mary was annoyingly perfect and even sickeningly cute at moments. She was a complete cookie cutter version of what the idealistic girlfriend or wife is supposed to look like. Rachel always looked cute and would wear cute clothes. On top of always being physically perfect, she was never at loss for cute remarks. Her demeanor and banter annoyed me beyond belief.

It is safe to say, I'm not a fan of the "perfect wife" or whatever that means.

I left the movie wondering why they didn't just produce a happy-go-lucky movie without the traveling-back-in-time element. I really thought that they would need a truly good and heroic reason for the main character to travel back in time, but they didn't have any viable reason.

The two hours of complete sappiness almost drowned me and on top of all that, I was left confused about why they chose to give him the ability to travel back in time.

I'll just stick with Love Actually for my holiday movie, since About Time was a complete fail.

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Fran said...

That's a bummer, this movie looked so cute!