Friday, November 15, 2013

Minka Kelly on Almost Human

Minka Kelly with her dog, Chewy.
Our Family dog, Kittle, looks the exact same and does that foot pose in the picture above.

I recently discovered that Minka Kelly is staring in a new TV show called Almost Human that airs on Sunday at 8p.m. on Fox. I was more than thrilled to set my DVR to record the pilot!

I love Minka Kelly. She's one of those actresses that I greatly admire, and she has almost the same excact dog as my family! How perfect.

In her new show, she plays a human intelligence analyst who works for the police. She describes the show as a cop show featured in the future. Almost Human is set in the year 2048.

I'm not usually drawn to movies or TV shows that are set in the future, but this show has my attentions especially since Minka Kelly is in it. I haven't watched Kelly on TV since Friday Night Lights, and I'm anxious to see her act again.

Are you a fan of Minka Kelly? Who's your favorite actor?

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