Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day One of Biloxi

We stayed at the IP hotel and casino the first night and swam in their awesome pool before checking out and going to the Hard Rock hotel. These pictures are making me crave warm weather! (It was in the 40's today, and I needed my winter coat but didn't have it. Bummer.)

Bill doing his thing. Laying on the bottom of the pool. He would do this all day if he had the time, but there was gambling time ahead of him. ha
Bill Senior (Bill's dad) spotted an antique car in the outdoor lobby. He was enthralled by all the old cars that were there for Cruising the Coast.
We went to Shaggy's for lunch and had Mahi. It was so good. This restaurant reminded me of the one we got married at because it has a staircase leading to the beach that looked so similar to the one I walked down on our wedding day. I loved the similarities.
Mahi, grilled vegetables, rice and beans, and bread for lunch.
Similar staircase and beach where we got married in Florida! Happy memories. :)

There were hermit crabs in all the shells that we were picking up! You could feel the extra weight of the shell and their legs poking out. Creepy...
I couldn't resist drawing in the sand on the beach.
That night we went over to the Hard Rock hotel, where me and Bill stayed for two nights.
The Hard Rock had the best rooms. I loved the design of it all and the zebra print runners on the bed. Very nice touch.
The sink and mirror area was very spacious.

After two nights at the Hard Rock, we joined Bill's parents at the Beau Rivage (or the Boo Rivage as we like to refer to it. We are goofs.)

The Beau was possibly our favorite of the three. It had the best buffet that included wine, classic hotel rooms (that I picture from the movies), a beautiful outdoor pool with an outdoor restaurant and bar, nice stores that featured Christmas ornaments in October, and John Stamos was there! We always remember that we got to watch John Stamos (Uncle Jesse from Full House) play guitar and sing and play the drums with the Beach Boys! I have lots of John Stamos pictures coming!

Needless to say, we all really miss vacation and warm weather!

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Jenna said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I want to jump into the computer screen right now as I shiver in my third floor bedroom! Hahah these photos are STUNNING! Talk about paradise.