Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 2 of Biloxi

On our second day in Biloxi, we made a quick trip to New Orleans for a few hours. We stopped at Pat O'Brien's for lunch on the patio.

This was one of my favorite meals of the trip. I ordered a chicken caesar salad and Hawaiian drink to go with it.

Bill got to keep the glass that his drink came in.
My drink.

Lori's strawberry salad with gorgonzola. This picture really makes me crave her salad. Looked so good.

Bill and I standing in front of Pat O'Brien's.

I took a picture of this shady looking club and the greeter who was standing outside ran inside when she saw me taking a picture. I guess she didn't want to be associated with her work! Ha (You can see her making a quick dash inside the building!)
Another street in New Orleans.

We went back in Biloxi for the night. Bill's mom took us to see this tree named Patriarch that is over 2,000 years old! I was amazed it was still standing after that many years.

I loved the butterfly display next to the tree.

We came across an odd plant that closes up at night.

Me in the garden. I'm a little bit of a mess with a bandaid on my left shin and a beat up toe that you can't see. I accidentally tripped on a concrete step on our way down to Biloxi and had to cover my foot in a bandaid almost the whole time. I swear I'm never wearing flip flops again. ;)

Later in the night, we sat and watched the old cars cruising down the highway. It was amazing to see how many different old cars you could spot in a short amount of time!

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