Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creating my own Infinity Scarfs

A Purple Fleece and Lace Scarf. One of my Favorites!

I have been on a crafting kick around here... It started a couple of weeks ago when we had a girls' night with my sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law at the farm. We split the cost of a bunch of fabric and made lots of infinity scarfs! I went to JoAnn Fabric for all of the fabric. I sent texts to everyone and asked them what they thought of different stretchy fabrics. There were plenty of ones that we all liked so it wasn't too hard.

Since that night, I have learned how to sew an infinity scarf. I feel really comfortable doing it, because this is very much a beginner project for sewing.

This black polka dot fabric isn't very stretchy, but it's very soft and the polka dots feel like felt. This one reminds me of something I would wear for the holidays. It's fancy smancy. Ha

I love the large circles on this cream scarf!

 I can't wait to dress up an outfit with this fun blue cheetah print scarf!
My cousin Val came over the other day and we got some fabric together. I made this pink scarf for me and her. I love how casual it is.
I hang all my scarfs on a coat rack in the corner of our room for easy access. These are all ones that we made!

What do you think? Would you make your own infinity scarfs?

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4 Sweet Notes:

Valerie said...

I love them! I've already worn mine out!

Natalie Juns said...

So glad you love them! I had so much fun making them with you. :)

Brooke Tolly said...

So cute!

Fran said...

Oooh pretty!!!