Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back Home from Biloxi, MS!

Last Tuesday, Bill, me, and his parents took a road trip to Biloxi, MS which is on the Gulf of Mexico. We spent a week there for the Car Cruise that they have down there in October. We stayed at some amazing hotels, gambled, enjoyed the warm weather and company of family, took a pontoon boat out on the Gulf, shopped a little, and swam in outdoor pools! I had so much fun on this trip and wish it wasn't over.

Our trip back home took 17 hours. It was a 3 hours longer than our trip out there, since we made some fun stops along the way. We came across a flea market on the way back that featured some adorable chickens, a cute Volkswagen Bug in the parking lot, and a plethora of knick-knacks inside the building.

I would have brought some of these birds home if they weren't over priced, and if they weren't so far away from home. Aren't they cute?
Sign reads:

Shirt, Shoes & Pants Pulled Up Over Underwear!!!

We had to laugh over that sign! I couldn't believe how they had to post that! You wouldn't see that sign in Illinois.
 A Silkie Bantam with red face instead of a blue face like ours have.
The cute blue bug I spotted in the parking lot. I wouldn't mind driving that. ;)

I read a book on my iPad almost the whole way home until it got too late, and I couldn't concentrate anymore. Ha
I also braided my hair a billion times to preoccupy myself. It proved to be pretty fun. I'm loving having long hair!

I'm going to be playing catch up on my blog this week posting photos of our trip and pictures from the Halloween party we attended a couple of weeks ago.

Hope you all have a good week!

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Kristen said...

That flea market looks awesome! And those chickens are so cute, I love chickens! I would have adopted them all.. good thing I wasn't there!
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