Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reading Together When We're Apart

Meg, my sister, came up with the great idea that we should read a book at the same time so we feel like we're doing something together. I thought it was a great idea. She feels so far away in Hawaii, and I don't know if I'll get a chance to visit her for a while. Reading a book together definitely will help.

A House in the Sky was her pick. (I'm picking the next one.) Her book received 5 stars on Barnes and Noble's website! Plus, I'm seriously intrigued by the book's description and can't wait to start reading it!

Do you have family members that live far away? How do you feel closer to them even with the distance?

Little Pink Book

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creating my own Infinity Scarfs

A Purple Fleece and Lace Scarf. One of my Favorites!

I have been on a crafting kick around here... It started a couple of weeks ago when we had a girls' night with my sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law at the farm. We split the cost of a bunch of fabric and made lots of infinity scarfs! I went to JoAnn Fabric for all of the fabric. I sent texts to everyone and asked them what they thought of different stretchy fabrics. There were plenty of ones that we all liked so it wasn't too hard.

Since that night, I have learned how to sew an infinity scarf. I feel really comfortable doing it, because this is very much a beginner project for sewing.

This black polka dot fabric isn't very stretchy, but it's very soft and the polka dots feel like felt. This one reminds me of something I would wear for the holidays. It's fancy smancy. Ha

I love the large circles on this cream scarf!

 I can't wait to dress up an outfit with this fun blue cheetah print scarf!
My cousin Val came over the other day and we got some fabric together. I made this pink scarf for me and her. I love how casual it is.
I hang all my scarfs on a coat rack in the corner of our room for easy access. These are all ones that we made!

What do you think? Would you make your own infinity scarfs?

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The BEST Skirts

Yesterday, I had to take some pictures of the skirts me and my mom (and my sister-in-laws!) have been buying from Kristen who I found through one of my favorite bloggers, Haley from Life is Sweet. You can go to Kristen's Facebook page here and browse through all the different fabric she has for skirts and the different styles. You can order any length. Her striped skirts come in a chevron, diagonal, or horizontal pattern. I love all the different options.

My mom's skirt (pictured above) is a textured black with a 3 inch fold down that stays up (it doesn't fold down). Some of my skirts have a 7 inch fold down that do fold down on the waist. I like both of them and think it's a personal choice whether or not you like the fold down or not. Sometimes, I like have to have it feel smooth so I opt for my skirts with the 3 inch fold down.

I ordered this cream and black polka dot knee length skirt from Kristen. It's a soft fabric with a 3 inch fold down. I think I almost prefer the 3 inch fold down, because my waist looks smaller when I don't fold the fabric over my waist.

I took a picture of the end of my skirt, because I wanted to show off Kristen's new hem for her skirts. I absolutely love it! To me, it looks like a ribbon around the end of the skirt. What do you think?

Let me know if you are interested in ordering a skirt from Kristen. I can send you her email. Knee length skirts are $15 and her maxi skirts range from $20-$30! Very affordable.

Kristen has been awesome and very accommodating whenever I have ordered skirts. I highly recommend her them. ;)

Little Pink Book

Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 2 of Biloxi

On our second day in Biloxi, we made a quick trip to New Orleans for a few hours. We stopped at Pat O'Brien's for lunch on the patio.

This was one of my favorite meals of the trip. I ordered a chicken caesar salad and Hawaiian drink to go with it.

Bill got to keep the glass that his drink came in.
My drink.

Lori's strawberry salad with gorgonzola. This picture really makes me crave her salad. Looked so good.

Bill and I standing in front of Pat O'Brien's.

I took a picture of this shady looking club and the greeter who was standing outside ran inside when she saw me taking a picture. I guess she didn't want to be associated with her work! Ha (You can see her making a quick dash inside the building!)
Another street in New Orleans.

We went back in Biloxi for the night. Bill's mom took us to see this tree named Patriarch that is over 2,000 years old! I was amazed it was still standing after that many years.

I loved the butterfly display next to the tree.

We came across an odd plant that closes up at night.

Me in the garden. I'm a little bit of a mess with a bandaid on my left shin and a beat up toe that you can't see. I accidentally tripped on a concrete step on our way down to Biloxi and had to cover my foot in a bandaid almost the whole time. I swear I'm never wearing flip flops again. ;)

Later in the night, we sat and watched the old cars cruising down the highway. It was amazing to see how many different old cars you could spot in a short amount of time!

Little Pink Book

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day One of Biloxi

We stayed at the IP hotel and casino the first night and swam in their awesome pool before checking out and going to the Hard Rock hotel. These pictures are making me crave warm weather! (It was in the 40's today, and I needed my winter coat but didn't have it. Bummer.)

Bill doing his thing. Laying on the bottom of the pool. He would do this all day if he had the time, but there was gambling time ahead of him. ha
Bill Senior (Bill's dad) spotted an antique car in the outdoor lobby. He was enthralled by all the old cars that were there for Cruising the Coast.
We went to Shaggy's for lunch and had Mahi. It was so good. This restaurant reminded me of the one we got married at because it has a staircase leading to the beach that looked so similar to the one I walked down on our wedding day. I loved the similarities.
Mahi, grilled vegetables, rice and beans, and bread for lunch.
Similar staircase and beach where we got married in Florida! Happy memories. :)

There were hermit crabs in all the shells that we were picking up! You could feel the extra weight of the shell and their legs poking out. Creepy...
I couldn't resist drawing in the sand on the beach.
That night we went over to the Hard Rock hotel, where me and Bill stayed for two nights.
The Hard Rock had the best rooms. I loved the design of it all and the zebra print runners on the bed. Very nice touch.
The sink and mirror area was very spacious.

After two nights at the Hard Rock, we joined Bill's parents at the Beau Rivage (or the Boo Rivage as we like to refer to it. We are goofs.)

The Beau was possibly our favorite of the three. It had the best buffet that included wine, classic hotel rooms (that I picture from the movies), a beautiful outdoor pool with an outdoor restaurant and bar, nice stores that featured Christmas ornaments in October, and John Stamos was there! We always remember that we got to watch John Stamos (Uncle Jesse from Full House) play guitar and sing and play the drums with the Beach Boys! I have lots of John Stamos pictures coming!

Needless to say, we all really miss vacation and warm weather!

Little Pink Book

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back Home from Biloxi, MS!

Last Tuesday, Bill, me, and his parents took a road trip to Biloxi, MS which is on the Gulf of Mexico. We spent a week there for the Car Cruise that they have down there in October. We stayed at some amazing hotels, gambled, enjoyed the warm weather and company of family, took a pontoon boat out on the Gulf, shopped a little, and swam in outdoor pools! I had so much fun on this trip and wish it wasn't over.

Our trip back home took 17 hours. It was a 3 hours longer than our trip out there, since we made some fun stops along the way. We came across a flea market on the way back that featured some adorable chickens, a cute Volkswagen Bug in the parking lot, and a plethora of knick-knacks inside the building.

I would have brought some of these birds home if they weren't over priced, and if they weren't so far away from home. Aren't they cute?
Sign reads:

Shirt, Shoes & Pants Pulled Up Over Underwear!!!

We had to laugh over that sign! I couldn't believe how they had to post that! You wouldn't see that sign in Illinois.
 A Silkie Bantam with red face instead of a blue face like ours have.
The cute blue bug I spotted in the parking lot. I wouldn't mind driving that. ;)

I read a book on my iPad almost the whole way home until it got too late, and I couldn't concentrate anymore. Ha
I also braided my hair a billion times to preoccupy myself. It proved to be pretty fun. I'm loving having long hair!

I'm going to be playing catch up on my blog this week posting photos of our trip and pictures from the Halloween party we attended a couple of weeks ago.

Hope you all have a good week!

Little Pink Book