Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some fun family history!

I haven’t really gone into any lengthy family history on my blog, but with this new Blogtember challenge going on, I thought I would at least give a short background of where I come from and what it’s like. I’m not sure if this would be blog worthy but here goes! 

I grew up in a small town with barely a thousand inhabitants.  I was in-town but not even a hundred feet away from the corn fields. I went to the same school my whole life with my siblings. In high school, I had both of my siblings with me when I entered Junior year. Meg was a Sophmore, and Phil was a freshman. It was great being so close in age. 

Since we lived in a rural town, the closest stores were fifteen minutes away. It wasn’t bad but not too convenient.  If you wanted more choices of places to shop, you had to go east. Everything was nicer out that way with a bigger theater, nicer and bigger malls, and more opportunities. All of that was just twenty minutes away. 

 It’s not that I was always trying to get away from my town, but there wasn’t much going on. I suffered some criticism from various people from school for living in a tiny town, but I really didn’t mind. I spent my childhood days playing at the park or in my backyard. I was fortunate to have a few kids in my town that I could play with. If I was raising my future kids there, I would be worried that they wouldn’t have anyone to hang out with. There are a few people renting in my neighborhood and the general age of homeowners is over fifty.  I love visiting my home town where my mom still lives. I have plenty of good memories there. Oh, I forgot to mention, there is a gas station in town now and a beautiful winery too! We’re moving up in the world. Ha

As far as personalities go, I am more like my dad - serious, quite but not shy, introverted, and not afraid of confrontation (But not confrontational. I like standing up for the underdog.)  But, I am also goofy at times. I like having fun that way, and I can't explain where that comes from. Ha My mom is more out going, extroverted type. She could make friends with anyone. I think I am combination of my parents, but I have a little of more my dad's personality. It's a fun combination.

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Fran said...

I wish I wasn't afraid of confrontation - I'm always so afraid I'll make people mad haha