Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Cute Farm Cats

We have had oodles of cats on the farm this summer. There are five bigger cats that we raised since they were young, and two of them are from the barn that Bill trapped and rescued a couple of weeks ago. The two that Bill snatched up our just tiny tan kittens.

My favorite all of the cats is this big tom cat pictured above. I refer to him as Goatee cat. I love his goatee marking, his green eyes, his paws, and his playfulness.

Look at how precious they are!
I absolutely love how sweet cats (and dogs!) can look. This particular cat is the best hunter out of them all.

She went in the field during this photo shoot and pulled out a huge mouse.

And turned back for a chance to show off her kill.

Goatee cat doesn't usually look this vicious! He's a very friendly cat. I caught him at a bad moment. Ha

These are the two brothers that Bill plucked from the barn. He tamed them by visiting them everyday and showing them how nice it is to get massages regularly. He told me that he knew when the second one he had caught was tame when the kitten couldn't help but lift up a paw when he was giving them a scratch. The cute little kitty would lift it up and purr to his heart's content and then lift up the paw when he would scratch the other side. He was in heaven.

These particular cats have persuaded me to like cats. I'm much more of a dog person.

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Valerie said...

They are all so precious!

Fran said...

Aw your cats are so cute!