Friday, September 27, 2013

My Workouts Lately

These past couple of days, I've been hitting my favorite trail. The weather has been gorgeous, and today, it made it into the 80's. I want to soak all these warm days that we have left. Yesterday, I went running with Kitty, and today, I went running with Bill on the trail.

It's been great. Kittle is a super spunky running buddy, but I had to give her a bath because she decided to roll in something dead. So gross.

I decided not to bring her today but maybe another time this weekend. Bill and I had a pretty good run. Neither of us have been running lately, but we decided it was time to start working out together again. Bill always pushes me to keep going which I love.

Earlier in the week, I had been working out at home with my DVDs. My new favorite ones are from Bob Harper, from Biggest Loser. Most of the workouts are an hour and that's right around the amount of time I want to workout. I bought a set of his DVDs that come with four individual DVDs.  I love it. His workouts really challenge me.

I'm thinking that I'll continue to run on the trail for as long as possible till it gets too cold out. After that, I'll switch to my DVDs for all of my workouts.

How have you been working out lately?

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Jenna said...

Trail running sounds fantastic (and I don't even like running)! And Kittle is so cute!