Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Fall To-Do List 2013

1. Have a get together with my immediate family and do something fallish, like picking apples at the orchard ten minutes from our home. Then drink apple cider and have dinner together. Simple and fun.

2. Take pictures of all the favorite farm cats that Bill so lovingly calls, the Stankos.

3. Have a cooking session with my mom and learn how to cook her chicken noodle soup, chili, and one of her favorite soups.

4. Finish building a larger "home" for our ducks and chickens in my backyard with my dad and Bill. Oh, and avoid all hornets.

5. Bake lots and lots of Homemade Cinnamon Bread using The Pioneer Woman's Recipe of course.

6. Capture a special fall memory from this year perfectly on my blog.

7. Go on a hike with my mom and whoever else wants to come with when the leaves are turning colors.

8. Soak up all the memories that I have with my dad here. So glad to have him living back at home.

9. Find a fall craft on Pinterest and have a crafting night, complete with good food.

10. Carve pumpkins with Bill and figure out who can make the silliest face on their pumpkin. Ha

11. Share my freelance writing on my blog and continue to write more.

12. Transition my summer wardrobe into fall with key layering pieces.

13. Watch one of Bill's classic scary movies from start to end without closing my eyes.

Little Pink Book

{Picture via...My Pinterest Page}

2 Sweet Notes:

Jenna said...

I love ALL of these, Natalie! Especially the one about perfectly capturing an autumn memory :) Lovely.

Also- how cozy to do a fall activity followed by dinner with your family.

All great ideas!!!

Fran said...

What a fun list! Can't wait to see those silly-faced pumpkins!