Friday, September 20, 2013

Memories from Food

My mom is a master at creating a warm and welcoming environment. In the fall, when she cooks and bakes her signature chili, soups, and breads the delicious smells emanate throughout the house signifying that fall, the season of warmth, comfort food, and family time are finally here.

In an effort to create that same effect in my own home, I have tried my hand at baking a mix of my own fall favorites. The amazing aroma from cookies, pumpkin bread, cinnamon bread, and cherry cobbler have all wafted in my kitchen and traveled to my living room throughout the season. I have yet to cook my own soups and chili like my mom, but I know that when I do, I will inevitably be reminded of our Sunday night dinners with the family all around. A Sunday night where were all gathered around the table. We say a quick pray, thanking God for the family He’s given us and the time together. Then we dive into my mom’s homemade meal and talk to each other about different things going on in our life. Kitty, our family dog, is always waiting by the table for us, I mean me, to throw her a scrap.

After dinner, the cozy living room in my mom’s house invites us to sit down after eating one too many rolls, and we lazily plop ourselves down on a cushion that will be our resting spot for the next few hours while we watch our favorite shows and commemorate about the week’s events. Sometimes, The Big Bang Theory graces our TV set, or more recently, we have been enthralled by Breaking Bad. No matter what’s on the TV, we always enjoy each others' company.

It’s a great way to spend the evening, one of our favorites for sure. No matter how far away some of my closest family members are at the moment, I know that I can recreate that same atmosphere that we welcomed every time we got together. Sometimes, those memories are just an hour away, or as long as it takes me to bake some pumpkin bread.

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Jenna said...

Eeeep! I just adore that about food...the immense comfort and good memories it can bring with it! Autumn foods are especially good at that!