Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Megan's Visit

Last Wednesday, Megan, my sister, surprised all of us by telling us, she was coming home! I woke up that morning to find a Facebook message on my phone that read, "Hey Patchy, I'm flying home on Thursday!!"

I was beyond excited when I read her message. I immediately responded back and let her know how happy I was that she was coming home. That day we had a Skype chat on my phone and planned a little bit. I knew her good friend, Sarah, was getting married on Saturday. I was so glad that we were all attending that wedding as a family, more time together is a plus.

I picked her up from O'hare at 11:40 at night on Thursday. We went back to my family's home and stayed up late catching up on each others' lives while eating ice cream, yum. The next day, I hung out with Meg and went shopping with her at Target, Trader Joe's, and Tilly's. We also stopped at Pot Belly's for lunch. I had an Italian sandwich, and Meg opted for the Mediterranean, without chicken since she's staying away from meat. I loved getting the chance to hang out with her again, just the two of us. I missed her so much these past nine months. I can be real with her, like I can't with other people. She's one of a kind.

At Target, we dived right back into the shenanigans that we usually divulge into when we are around each other by trying on the silliest pink foam wigs I've ever seen. They reminded me of the people in The Grinch (one of our favorite movies.). I loved those wigs so much, but I opted not to spend the $20 for the wig. Sniff. I should have, especially with our annual Halloween party coming up. (Maybe, I should try to figure out how to dress up as a Who from Whoville!!) After taking oodles of pictures with the wigs, we went to my house where Megan got to meet Megan, our pet duck that we named after her.

I really wondered if we would be able to catch her, but we did. We usually only hold Kevin, our other duck. Megan got to pet her and hold her. I was so happy to snap a couple of pictures. Afterwards, Megan said she had poop on her shirt from the duck. I was like, "Yeah, that happens all the time if you pick them up!"

They're messy animals. It goes without saying that our chickens are also very cute. Meg commented that they look like they are wearing pants. Ha They really do look like they have lounge pants on everyday. It's great. After visiting with the animals, we went to mom's house for dinner and drank wine and had amazing salmon. What a great night. I really am so thankful for the time we had together.

The weekend continued to get busier. We all went to Sarah's beautiful wedding. I'm so glad we all got to see her get married! What a beautiful bride. :)

Here's a picture of the two besties from the wedding! Meg left and Sarah right.

When Meg was home we didn't really go on many outings per say. Time was short. I think the time we spent together, just the five of us at home really meant a lot to all of us. I can't really express how good it was to have Meg and Phil home for days at a time. We watched Breaking Bad episodes (They got me obsessed with the show!), talked about life, ate together, and went shopping at the Commons. I love how we have a close family that can really talk to each other.

On our last day together, Meg and I visited with our dad. I didn't let him know that she was in town until the day before, because I wanted it to be a surprise. We went out to Chipotle for lunch and came back home to look at pictures from my dad's time in Afghanistan. We had a great visit with him.

After our visit, we went to a park in Geneva and took some family photos that I'm dying to see! (Maybe, I'll download them today!)  Mom said her goodbyes to Meg after that since she had a class at church that she is leading, and I went with Meg and Phil to Dicks Sporting Good (where Meg used to work) where Meg looked for tennis shoes. We also went to DSW where she ended up finding a pair she liked. I had a hard time saying goodbye to Meg after that. I was in the parking lot, and I gave Phil and Meg one last hug. I really didn't want our time to end.

Now, that Meg is back in Hawaii (after almost missing her flight!) I am left with great memories and pictures that will hopefully carry me to the next time I see her. Of course, there will be Skype conversations, Facebook messages, and pictures sent via phone in the mean time. I am soooo thankful for the time we had together and the memories made. Until next time, Meg! Love you to the moon and back.
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Jenna said...

Awww! I love how she surprised you all! That is seriously so cool. And I can totally tell that you two are sisters :)

You're very lucky- I always wished for a sister!