Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rothenburg, Germany... One of our favorite stops!

We honestly couldn't have had more fun driving to Rothenburg! There were mainly small country roads that we drove on. We saw wheat fields, bean fields, and corn fields. Bill Senior was in his own heaven with all the different types of wheat and poppy flowers.
We found out that they describe their wheat as "bearded wheat."
Rothenburg is one of the most well preserved medieval towns. There are bakeries everywhere you turn along with a bunch of tourist shops. We didn't end up buying any souvenirs here mainly because a lot of the shops had very touristy things. Although, I did like looking in the shops that had kid toys. I love those unique German toys.
We walked around both days that we were there. Our hotel was inside Rothenburg which was convenient with all the restaurants around.
We stayed at the Golden Rose. Bill found this hotel and decided to book it because it was recommended by Rick Steves. You had to go through the main office area to go to the "garden" and then to your hotel room. The building above was where all the hotel rooms were. Bill and I had the hotel on the first floor on the right side closest to the outside lounge area. Bill's parents had one close to us.
I didn't mind having the twin beds, but I kind of wish we could have pushed them together to make the bed bigger like we did at our hotel in Frankfurt. The room was very stuffy and hot at night. We had to open the windows even though we knew there would be bugs that would fly in without any screens. It wasn't that bad after you fell asleep though. It just took some getting used to without any fans or basically any air movement.
I thought these bears were adorable! We had them waiting for us at several of our hotels.

I had ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese our first night there. It was amazing!
Bill had some really good homemade noodles.
Pork and dumplings for Bill's mom, Lori.
Bill Senior chose sauerkraut and sausage in Frankfort and in Rothenburg. I guess he kind of liked it.
We walked around the wall surrounding the city many times. It was fun getting a chance to look out at the city and see all the different buildings.
This family was growing trees to go over a trellis in their backyard. The trees were tied to this rope connected to the trellis so they would grow up and over the structure. Pretty cool idea if you ask me!
After walking on the wall numerous times, we went to a bakery and bought a pretzel and something to drink. I loved their pretzels. There were times where would go walk around town, just the two of us. It was nice to look at the different structured buildings, and of course, we stopped for ice cream on a couple of occasions.

These pictures are only from our first day there. I'm planning on splitting our Rothenburg stop into two segments. The second one will have more of the beautiful buildings and flowers that we came across and the mouth watering food that we ate.


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