Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fun at the Tractor Show

 Bill in front of his tractor he brought to the show.

I'm not usually a fan of the Tractor show (Or Steam Show. It has a few names. :)), but this year, I really enjoyed it and went twice. The first time, we saw a few different people that we knew. Bill's sisters were there too with their kids. I was drawn to looking at the homemade blankets that a family was making. They had all these different fabrics that they used for the rugs. It was awesome.
The rug I got matches the curtains in our kitchen. I was excited to bring it home. :)
My mom came with last Sunday. It was my second time there and Bill's fourth time. ha We right away walked over to the homemade rugs. I had told her about them and wanted to see if she would like them. Of course, she did. :)

After we scoured through their collection of rugs, we browsed the different vendors looking for anything that stuck out to us. I came across a light purple serving bowl. Normally, I don't really look for anything like that, but I've recently realized that I need a couple of them. I got it for really cheap. Only $5. That was a really nice surprise to find that.

Vegetables were the last thing we got there. I'm planning on putting a bunch of different spices on them and throwing them on the grill for a dinner this week. I guess there were more than a few reasons to go to the tractor show. 

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