Monday, August 26, 2013

Austria Part II: Ehrenberg Castle Ruins

My favorite picture of the castle! That mountains looks so beautiful in the background-it looks fake! ;)

I took these photos with my phone while running around trying to get the best view of the Ehrenberg castles. Our first hike up there was fantastic and exciting. I felt like I was walking into a private home that was weathered and falling apart. The rocks were shifting beneath my feet, and I knew I had to be careful of my footing.

I spent more time looking at every wall and every nook and cranny at the first castle that Bill was already starting on the second hike up to the next castle.  Bill came back down to where I was, and we hiked up to the next castle together. It was a strenuous and exhilarating hike. My heart was pumping out of my chest and my excitement was increasing by the minute. I was thrilled to see that next castle! Another reason for the all the excitement? We were loosing day light by the minute and needed to make it down before sunset. When we got up there, we had an aerial view of the town. I could have sat up there for hours with a cold drink just gazing at everything in sight. Can you tell hiking is one of my favorite things?

Have you ever felt a rush of endorphins from a strenuous workout? Where is your favorite spot to hike at? Personally, I could never have imagined a better hike.

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2 Sweet Notes:

Brooke Tolly said...

This looks like so much fun!! Love the pictures :D

Alisha said...

Makes me wonder what that castle looked like when it was actually in use. Probably gorgeous, I'm sure! And look how tall those trees are - geeze!! So glad to see you guys had such a great time! :)