Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Austria Part I

Going into this trip, I had an idea that I would only favor Italy. I thought that that was the only stop I really wanted to make and wondered why we couldn't just spend our two weeks of vacation there. I was really wrong though! My favorite spot on the trip was Austria, and Germany came in as a close second. I loved the beautiful landscape of the mountains, lush green forests, and the abundance of castles.

King Ludwig's castle was our first stop in Austria. We decided not to go on the paid tour... It was a forty-five minute wait to get the tickets and then maybe an hour or hour and a half wait for your tour to start up. There were two tours. One was 2 hours and the other was 4 hours. It was a very hot summer day and none of us really wanted to wait that long so we didn't go on any official tour.

Even without the tour, we got to walked up to the castle and look at the architecture. I loved hiking up there and finding frogs and snails. I had a great time taking pictures of them along the way.

The views were also amazing. These pictures from Austria are the ones that I treasure the most. Everything we saw there was gorgeous.

After we walked up close to the castle, we took another trail leading towards a bridge that we walked on that gave the best view of the castle. It was breathtaking.

Doesn't it look like a castle from the Disney movies? The similarities are striking.
This picture reminds me of those kids books where you're supposed to find something or pick out what doesn't go with the page. ha Bill seriously cracks me up on a regular basis. He wanted me to take a picture of him where he was standing amongst everyone on the bridge with all the Asian tourists. Such a goof!

King Ludwig's castle (home) that he grew up in.

Later that day, we checked in at the Hotel Moserhof in Reutte, Austria. The Moserhof was really nice and fabulously decorated.

We had a balcony outside our room with an amazing view of the mountains.

We were all pretty starved and tired after hiking for most of the day, but after dinner, we decided to hike up to the Ehrenberg Castle Ruins. They were beyond amazing, and I can't wait to share those pictures with you in another post.

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Alisha said...

That castle is insane!! Gorgeous. I would've fallen in love with those views as well. What a great trip!

PS. Love the new watercolor header too! So pretty.

Alisha and Brandon {the blog}

Regine Karpel said...

Beautiful photos!

Natalie J said...

Thank you Regine!!

Fran said...

Beautiful photos!