Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Highlights

Left to right: 

Going to Kuipers Apple Orchard with my cousin Val. I love looking at everything they have there! Plus, I don't even like doughnuts, but I like there cinnamon ones.

Last week, my mom and I jumped at a chance to go to Raging Waves!! We loved it there. There was hardly any lines because all the kids had just gone back to school. We rode on the tube rides multiple times, laid out in the sandy section, shared a small pizza there, and ran in line one last time on our favorite ride before closing!! We had the best time there! Not to mention, the scenery is really beautiful from the top of the rides. :)

I really need to post some pictures of the all the skirts I've ordered through Kristen, but I do have one of the skirts that I ordered for our niece, Reese. I love her purple diagonal striped skirt. I found Kristen through her cousin who blogs. She makes custom made skirts. I love her soft fabric! There are a lot of choices for different styles of skirts. I can't forget to mention that she has very reasonable prices as well. You can't beat it. I'll post some pictures of my skirts later.

There have been a lot of nights where we sit out by the fire and roast s'mores. This particular night, the moon looked gorgeous, and the white lights were adding extra ambiance.

We made a trip to Wisconsin this month to be with our brother-in-law's family after the passing of his Grandpa. After the funeral, we stopped at Cedarburg, and saw the cutest duck figurines. I want to know how to recreate them.

I made another rhubarb pie. Everything turned out great, except the crust. I cooked it at too high of a temp. I heard that it still tasted fine. ;)

My dad's Christensen family reunion was this month. My dad is on the right and his cousin Phil on the left. Bill and I are now on their mailing list! Ahh.

Lastly, we got to pet some farm animals at Elburn Days this year. I went with my dad during the day and watched the tail end of the truck pulls with him. Then in the evening, I went with Bill and friends to watch the country band that was playing. We ended up running into his parents there as well. It was a good time.

What are your highlights from August or this summer?

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Fran said...

Going to theme parks when kids are in school is the way to do it!

Regine Karpel said...

Love the first pic!
Come say hi!