Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Prince Bishops' Palace

I loved going to this palace! I wish we were allowed to take pictures inside. We went on a free tour where they described the famous staircase with a fresco painting by Venetian Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. The tour was awesome. We learned so much, and I enjoyed hearing about the painting above the famous staircase the most. All four continents are represented and each continent has a person that is pointing to the Bishop. That says a lot about the bishop's arrogance, right?

After touring the palace, we went behind the building and walked around the enormous garden. Bill and I have a lot of pictures of the two of us from this trip thanks to his parents. Of course, we always reciprocated the gesture and took pictures of them.

I love looking back on these photos we took. Sometimes, I can't believe we actually planned out this whole trip by ourselves. It was our first time in Europe for all four of us. I had two appointments with a travel agent to plan the trip, but I ended up cancelling both of those appointments. Bill wanted us to plan the trip by ourselves. We both did some research and it turned out just fine. There was a lot more flexibility in our trip since we rented a car and weren't tied to the schedule of public transportation. We took our time traveling to each destination and found interesting towns to shop in and restaurants to try out. There was an abundance of bakeries in Germany that I loved. I stuck to eating pretzels or pretzel rolls. I'm not a huge fan of extremely sweet food.

We stopped at one bakery and one market that had the freshest fruit on the way to Rothenberg. Rothenberg was one of our favorite stops. It's one of the most preserved medieval towns that is completely surrounded by a medieval wall that we walked on a few different times during our stay. Can't wait to show you our pictures!


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