Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our first stop: Frankfurt, Germany

Ready for our first trip to Europe!

Our hotel in Frankfurt.
Twin beds that you can easily push together.
I took pictures of every bathroom in each of our hotels. It seems silly, but I wanted to remember the differences between each room.
A town square in Frankfurt.

I first saw these 'love locks' on The Amazing Race show. It's supposed to be good luck for the couple or family.
Bill has second cousins in Frankfurt that we visited. I thought it was perfect to have tour guides on our first stop. They showed us around and took us to a laid back restaurant for dinner that had awesome food.
This restaurant was very casual. I loved the outdoor seating, and it didn't seem like a tourist spot at all. I don't think we would have found this place by ourselves. It was off the beaten path for us tourists.
Bill's dinner... Blood sausage with apple sauce and mash potatoes. I wouldn't taste the blood sausage. Bill didn't end up caring for it either. Although we both agreed, the homemade apple sauce was amazing.
I went for something familiar the first night and ordered a steak with homemade bread. It really hit the spot. I went from 6 in the morning to 5 in the evening without food. We got to our hotel in the early afternoon, and I passed out for a few hours before dinner. My meal couldn't have tasted better.
I couldn't help taking random pictures of bikes or cars. I snapped pictures of whatever struck my interest.
My favorite part of Frankfurt was sitting down at the restaurant and talking with their cousins. It was really nice to meet people that lived there and learn more about the city from them. The next morning, we got up early at 6a.m. and went sight seeing. The city was completely empty. There was no traffic or anyone walking around. I'll post those pictures next.

*A few of these pictures are from my phone. I took pictures with two different point and shoot cameras, my ipad, and my phone. I'm trying to combine all of them. It's going to take a while. ;)


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