Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Robin Nest on the Farm

Last week, Bill's dad sent me a picture of a baby robin nest in his semi. He had driven around thirty minutes when he stopped and realized there was a nest underneath his flat bed trailer. He found three robin's eggs with one baby already hatched. He has a heart for animals and decided to bring the nest inside his cab.

There is some risk with touching a bird's nest. Most of the time, the mother won't return to the nest if she smells any scent that could be a predator, but Bill took that risk and brought the nest safely inside.

I'm pretty sure the baby would have died without any water or fallen off from underneath the trailer. Bill gave him a drop of water from his water bottle. It surprises me that the bird was able to catch that tiny bit of water, but with the next picture, I realize they are kind of experts with catching things in their mouths.

Bill had returned the nest to underneath his flat bed trailer after work. Thankfully the mom had returned to her babies. Bill and I had went over to it and tried to wake the babies up. Apparently, they were hungry and waiting for their mom. I absolutely love this picture! I don't see baby birds often and this reminds me of a picture straight out of a movie.

Yesterday, we visited the nest again. They have feathers now and are more normal looking. I thought at first the birds were dead, but after a closer look, we found they were either sleeping or playing dead. We know the mom was taking good care of them, because we would notice her looking at us from a dirt pile making sure we weren't hurting her babies. I loved tracking the progress of these birds. They grow so quickly in a short amount of time.

I'm curious, have you ever found any baby animal in your backyard?


2 Sweet Notes:

Fran said...

Aw so cute! Glad they're doing ok!

Alisha said...

I've never come across any nests with eggs in them. They've always been empty. Can't believe y'all were able to get such great pictures of them.

Alisha and Brandon {the blog}