Monday, June 3, 2013

My Packing List for Europe

I'm planning for our trip to Europe. It's coming up so quick! I'm doing a "test pack" this week for everything I'll bring. I thought putting this list on my blog would help out a lot. I'm packing light as I'll be re-wearing a few of these items.


 Links here, here, and here.

One pair of pants (Hoping that the weather will be warm.)
1 pair of boyfriend shorts
2 pairs of Bermuda shorts from Athleta
2 pairs of athletic shorts
3 maxi skirts – blue and white diagonal striped, black and white chevron striped, and pink and white chevron striped.
2 knee length skirts – black and white chevron striped and solid purple skirt.
7 of my favorite shirts:
Black polka dot tank top, purple ruffle top, purple casual t-shirt, black casual t-shirt, white and blue tank top, grey sparkly tank top, and a casual blue t-shirt.
2 light cardigans. One white and one black.
I'm wondering if I should bring fleece jacket?


 Links here and here.

Running/hiking shoes
2 pairs of flip flops – one casual and one dressy
Any suggestions on a good walking shoe that would look good with a skirt?


I'm bringing two over the shoulder purses. The one on the right is a Vera Bradley purse that is light and holds everything I need like wallet, sun glasses, lip gloss, and phone. The other purse I want to bring is from Fossil. It’s leather and very sturdy. I like having options even on a trip, and both of these purses are small enough to fit in my carry on. Which one do you prefer?

Am I missing anything important? I can't believe how soon we are leaving!


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Alisha said...

A trip to Europe?! Aww I'm so jealous. When and where are you going? Don't forget a light cardigan/jacket for those chilly nights. Maybe a colorful scarf too :)

Oh and don't forget your camera. Have fun!

Alisha and Brandon {the blog}