Sunday, June 30, 2013

We're back from our Trip to Europe!

We are home! We all had such an amazing time together. I know I didn't mention our trip that much in advance, but 2 weeks ago today me and Bill left with his parents for our trip to Europe. We visited Germany, Austria, Slovenia, and Italy. Those two weeks were crazy busy, but we had some amazing experiences that made it so worth it!

Since I've been back, I've been thinking about all the ways I can document this trip. I don't want to forget anything so I've started writing down what we did each day in a notebook. That notebook will help me create a photo book of our trip that I'll work on from Walgreen's photo site. I also want to put our pictures on Instagram and print the photos from there as well. There's so many ideas floating through my mind. Of course, I will be sharing all the details here on my blog. I love that I'll also be able to share some of my own advice about traveling as well now that I have my own experiences. I can't wait to share it all with you.

Here's to a wonderful week, friends!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

My dad in Thailand last September visiting his cousin with my brother Phil.

Happy Father's Day to my dad who I love and appreciate very much. Can't wait to hang out with you again.

P.S. We are on our way to Germany tomorrow. I'm going to go a little crazy with the picture taking. I can't wait! I'll be back with tons of pictures.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kittle loves horses.

The other day, I went on a run with Kittle. We had seen a horse the last time we went, and the same one was there yesterday! When we get close to the fence, she walked eagerly over there to visit the horse.

I swear this horse was nervous to be around Kittle when we first saw her or him. Don't know which. This time, the horse walked right over to the side of the fence. I lifted Kittle up and she rested her paws on the fence. I love how Kittle is so interested in an animal that is a thousand times bigger than her!

We had to visit the horse at the end of the run as well. Ha I can't believe she's comfortable to chill inside the fence right next to the horse. I only left her inside the pen long enough to snap the picture.

I don't want my little pumpkin to get stepped on.

Isn't she cute though?


Monday, June 10, 2013

Unreliable Frosting and a Disappointing Cake

Yesterday, I tried baking a Chocolate Strawberry Nutella Cake from the Pioneer Woman's blog. Everything went well till I made the frosting.... Ugh. I should have known. The frosting calls for 2 cups of heavy cream and 1/4 cup of powdered sugar. It whipped up just fine, but I may have over churned it. I'm not sure. The consistency of the frosting is like melting cool whip after 30 min. She says you need to serve it within an hour of assembling it which I did.
I took this picture five minutes after everything was on the poor pitiful cake. The frosting is a very wet frosting that doesn't help the cake stick together at all. On her blog, she has a picture of a four layer version of this cake that fell over. Here's the picture. I usually love everything I try from her, but this one was a no go simply because of the frosting.
I almost want to try this cake with the vanilla cream cheese frosting I used with the cupcakes I made a couple of weeks ago. That was fantastic.
An hour after making the cake, I noticed all the frosting was sliding off the cake. Oh well. I'll count this cake as a lesson in using my own judgement. Stupid frosting.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Goodbye 25 Hello 26

Yesterday, I turned 26. I'm a little uncomfortable with the sound of that number. Twenty-six sound so much older than twenty-five. I'm over it though. For some reason, I feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Life is really good. It's funny how birthdays make you think about every major life moment or accomplishment.
My birthday was really good though... In the morning, I was walking out to my driveway as the FedEx guy pulled up and delivered a package. My dad had sent me two gift cards to Corner Bakery. We had gone there in March when he was home, and I really liked it. Bill and I went there for lunch on my birthday and planned out our itinerary for our trip to Europe.

In the evening, we went to my mom's for dinner. My cousin Val was there to celebrate with me which was awesome. We all had a good time last night. I requested steak, salad, and an ice cream cake from Culvers like I do every year. Ha I love how much effort my mom puts into making our birthdays special. Yesterday was no exception. She got me the rings that I had wanted from Brighton and the ice pops that are made from 100% fruit juice instead of the pure sugar ones. At the end of the night, we all sat and talked. I love nights like that.


Monday, June 3, 2013

My Packing List for Europe

I'm planning for our trip to Europe. It's coming up so quick! I'm doing a "test pack" this week for everything I'll bring. I thought putting this list on my blog would help out a lot. I'm packing light as I'll be re-wearing a few of these items.


 Links here, here, and here.

One pair of pants (Hoping that the weather will be warm.)
1 pair of boyfriend shorts
2 pairs of Bermuda shorts from Athleta
2 pairs of athletic shorts
3 maxi skirts – blue and white diagonal striped, black and white chevron striped, and pink and white chevron striped.
2 knee length skirts – black and white chevron striped and solid purple skirt.
7 of my favorite shirts:
Black polka dot tank top, purple ruffle top, purple casual t-shirt, black casual t-shirt, white and blue tank top, grey sparkly tank top, and a casual blue t-shirt.
2 light cardigans. One white and one black.
I'm wondering if I should bring fleece jacket?


 Links here and here.

Running/hiking shoes
2 pairs of flip flops – one casual and one dressy
Any suggestions on a good walking shoe that would look good with a skirt?


I'm bringing two over the shoulder purses. The one on the right is a Vera Bradley purse that is light and holds everything I need like wallet, sun glasses, lip gloss, and phone. The other purse I want to bring is from Fossil. It’s leather and very sturdy. I like having options even on a trip, and both of these purses are small enough to fit in my carry on. Which one do you prefer?

Am I missing anything important? I can't believe how soon we are leaving!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Highlights

This month also had some very happy and positive things like the spontaneous trips we took, the fun I had experimenting with my baking, and enjoying the warm weather.
  • I was really saddened that my aunt passed away, but I'm glad I got reacquainted with her sons who are my cousins.
  • I received more skirts from the very talented Kristen. If you like maxi skirts or shorter ones, she is your girl. Check out her Facebook page! I'll be posting more pictures of her skirts soon.
  • I made 3 rhubarb pies this week. The first one turned out horrible and was very sloppy. The second two were more impressive. I feel like I can whip out pie crust in a short amount of time now. That feels great!
  • Bill and I went with his mom, dad, and brother to Cedarburg, WI for Maxwell Street Days. I had a lot of fun when me and his mom went walking along the beach and climbed up one of the bluffs. That was an adventure. Of course, we got a carmel apple when were in town at  Amy's Gourmet Apples.
  • This month, I went to my very first Cub's game at Wrigley field. That was fun! We were on one of the roof tops, and we got free food and beer.
  • I made Pioneer Woman cup cakes for Memorial Day. You can find the recipe here.
What were some of your highlights from May 2013?

* All photos are from my Instagram.