Thursday, May 2, 2013

Writing in a Journal (Day 2)

This post was hard for me. I'm not usually spouting off what I'm good at, but I totally feel comfortable sharing tips for how to journal every day or a few times a week. I've been journaling for a long time, and I've learned a few important things to remember when spilling your secrets in a notebook.

Write without fear. Sometimes, I wonder what I would do if someone read my journal or what they would think of my personal thoughts. Don't do this! You won't be able to write freely if you're constantly thinking about other people. Write without fear of repercussion. What you write in your journal is no ones business but yours. It shouldn't matter whether you are really happy or down in the dumps, your notebook will keep your secrets.

Write down your prayers. I personally love writing my prayers down. I feel like I'm writing a letter to God. I feel at peace afterwards. I also love looking back at my prayers and thinking about how life has change since then. Maybe, life itself hasn't changed, but my thoughts towards something have. Either way, it's worth the time to write down my prayers.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Write letters to your significant other or whoever you want. These letters are honestly like time capsules. You'll never remember exactly what things were like unless you write them down, and you'll never know exactly how things changed if you don't write it down. I love writing letters to Bill. I like remembering what things we were discussing or what things we were planning for in the form of a letter. I love to reminisce.

Don't pick and choose what emotions to write in your journal. I think if you're planning on writing in a journal, it's important to include not only the happy and wonderful things in life but also include the hard things in life that aren't as pretty. Don't feel like you have to hide a certain part of your life from your journal. It doesn't judge.

Keep a couple of journals for different things. I keep one notebook/journal in my purse where I write down ideas for my blog, and I also keep my to do list in there as well. It keeps me on track. I also keep one that I like to think of as my classic journal. I write down anything and everything in there.

For a specific time in your life. I've had journals solely dedicated to a vacation or missions trip. I'm thinking on writing a small one for when I'm in Europe with my family.

Dedicate a journal to a special trip.

Keep writing my friends. I like to think of my journal as a gift to myself. It's something I do to record whatever I'm going through good or bad.

Do you have any tips for keeping a journal?

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Georgie said...

nice tips!! :) I have started writing a journal (again) few weeks ago so I hope I will stick with it for some time :)