Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Throw a Party like The Office (Day 8)

I decided not to write for yesterday's challenge. Such a rule breaker. ;) The challenge yesterday was to write about the thing(s) you're most afraid of. I'm most afraid of losing the people I love. I didn't want to dedicate a whole post about that though. It would be too sad and depressing for this happy blog.

Instead, I rather share with you today different tips on how to create a party similar to the ones on The Office for today's challenge when I teach you something valuable and very important!

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Without further adieu, here are my all time favorite things I learned about partying from The Office:

There's nothing like a Christmas party without exchanging gifts and then turning it into a White Elephant game when you get a lame present. Be like Michael and complain about receiving an oven mitten from Phyllis. You're bound to make the party a hit by insulting a coworker's gift.

If you're looking to plant a huge twist in the albeit boring party Phyllis threw for Christmas look no further than Meredith Palmer who is widely known as the alcoholic in the office. Nothing says a party like throwing a impromptu intervention for her when you catch her drunk and her hair on fire.

Onto the wedding of the century...

Have Dwight play detective for you before a big office wedding, like Jim and Pam's, to find out about all the hot singles. The main problem? He only found out about one of Pam's friends, Josselyn. What a shame for Michael since Dwight ended up stealing her. Also, Dwight only found out that Josselyn's sold a mountain bike last year! FAIL.

If you find yourself pregnant at your wedding like Pam, you should try your hardest not to let it slip that you conceived a child before your actual wedding day if you are in fact keeping it a secret. That is until the secret can no longer be kept when your soon-to-be-husband finds it unavoidable when he is finishing his toast at the rehearsal dinner.

Poor poor Jim. He let it slip right out of his mouth that Pam shouldn't be drinking when finishing his toast. Of course, this made the party before the wedding more interesting and dramatic. The only problem? Your mima will take offense to your pregnancy and threaten not to attend said wedding. This will therefore throw off the whole mood for a little bit until your boss, Michael Scott, tells her your going to name the baby after her. Then everything is just peachy keen.

Looking to make a fashion statement at the wedding?

Kevin's example is a pretty classic one if you ask me. When you find your shoes missing in the morning, go down to the main desk and ask about your fancy shoes. After the staff politely informs you that they had to incinerate your shoes for health concerns, all you have to do is find two Kleenex boxes. Empty the Kleenex boxes and wear them as your shoes. You're bound to make a lasting impression.

Ready for my favorite piece of party advice from The Office?

Looking to spice up things in the office? Pull a Dwight and insinuate a fake fire that gets everyone's heart really pumping and drives people to throw chairs and various equipment out the window and push copiers up against doors in an attempt to get the heck out of the office. Nothing starts a crazier party. All in the name of safety training. haha


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