Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Story of my Life (Day 1)

Here's the start of my blog every day in May.

I was born in Northern Illinois on June 5th, 1987, and I lived here all my life. I’ve grown to love Illinois, even though it doesn’t have the beautiful mountains of Colorado. I am my parents’ first kid. I have a sister and brother. We are all a year and few months apart. We grew up going to Colorado almost twice a year every year. Once in the summer and also for Christmas break. We would visit my mom’s best friend Lisa and her family and then travel further west to camp or vacation in a condo with beautiful views. 

My sibs and I went to the same school for elementary, middle, and high school. In high school, I played a few sports and was in choir my freshman year. I had the same close friends through school. We were loyal to each other pretty much ever since we met. I was quiet in school, but I was never afraid to speak my mind if I felt like something was wrong. I worked in a daycare (that was inside my school) my junior year. That was one of my favorite jobs.

I attended a community college my freshman year and transferred to NIU the next year. I worked as a English tutor for two years and loved it! I graduated in 2010 with a double major in English and Journalism.  I met my husband Bill in my Senior year of college, and we’ve been married for almost a year and a half. We had the most romantic wedding I could have dreamed of when we got married on a beautiful beach in Florida. Now, we're living on the family farm and have our own chickens and ducks. I love my life.


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Priscilla - Wheelchair Mommy/Stylish Gimp said...

I must dive into your blog and find out more about that romantic beach wedding. How fun that you live on a farm with chickens :)